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Nordisk Forskningsring för Biodynamisk Odling (Nordic Research Circle for Biodynamic Farming)

Nordisk Forskningsring for Biodynamisk Odling (NFR) will in May 2019 give donations to biodynamic research and information activities in the Nordic countries in portions of 10.000 to 20.000 SEK (Swedish kroner). The donations are for project with the aim of strengthen biodynamic farming and research in the Nordic countries. It can be for planning, activities and reporting.

Application should be sent before the 1st of May 2019 to
Nordisk Forskningsring
Att. Ellen Spørck Gabriel
Bygdøy alle 57, 0265 Oslo, Norge

The application must shortly describe the aim of the project, the activities, information strategy and a budget.
You have to be connected to the biodynamic movement in the Nordic countries to receive donation. If your application is accepted, NFR expects a short report after it is finished about the project in the form of an article for the biodynamic magazines and for the homepage of NFR

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